The Importance of Interaction: How does lack of human interaction affect your mental health?

by Emily Myers

My project explores the impact that human interaction has on an individual’s mental health, specifically on an individual during the pandemic. Minoring in Psychology and majoring in Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences at Purdue, I am very passionate about these two topics (mental health and communication). I wanted to build research for the importance of human interaction on a healthy lifestyle. Prior to the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, our communication styles had become heavily reliant on different forms of technology, replacing our face to face conversations. During the beginning stages of COVID-19, individuals were thankful for the ability to be safe, yet talk to their loved ones through FaceTime, Zoom, and messaging systems.  I completed many hours of research, finding the most reliable sources to support my argument. After synthesizing articles, the textbook, and speaking to compelling candidates, the common takeaways that I concluded was that being isolated during the early stages of the pandemic lead to high risks of depression. This project summarized the effects COVID-19 had on individuals’ mental health, while elaborating on the Baby Boomer Generation and how their experience was (and continues to be) different compared to the other generations. These findings are explained further in the PowerPoint presentation through bullet point explanations. Learning the effects of the pandemic on human interactions and mental health is a key factor to understanding the big picture of the pandemic. Interactions play a huge role in influencing the condition of our mental health, so we need to first understand the impacts of isolation on individuals to understand the overall impact COVID-19 has on society. One big question I was attempting to answer in this project was human interaction with other human beings is a necessity for a healthy life style so we as a society need to do our part to make a difference.  Although COVID-19 is considered to be a physical disease, it indirectly impacts so much more. 

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