Impact of COVID-19 on International Travel

by Jeanelle Tanhueco

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Through a website format, I explore the changes to the travel industry and how it has affected the world on an international scale as well as on an individual scale. Specifically, how has the early stages of the pandemic affected those who needed to travel back home and what effects has it had on receiving healthcare overseas in America?

Journal articles have been published during the early stages of the pandemic and I have selected one that provide a scientific perspective on early attitudes towards COVID-19 and travel. I will also use resources that provide comprehensive information on travel specifically in America and the Philippines as I aim to support the data I’ve personally collected on the topic. I will interview my mother, who has had to help my grandfather through the process of returning back to the Philippines, and her struggles with it. Furthermore, she was not alone in this as she had to constantly refer to a Facebook group of equally confused Filipinos who were in a similar situation. Her interview and the contents of this Facebook group will be important in connecting the academic literature together and providing primary data for my project. Additionally, I will retrieve the perspectives of everyone else in my family who was involved in getting my grandfather back home to the Philippines to get multiple perspectives. The website will include a summary of all these perspectives and its ties to the related literature.

Although travel restrictions are necessary, I hope this sheds some light on the difficulties my grandfather faced and how it could have affected other elderly who may not have been lucky enough to have someone help them navigate through similar obstacles. I hope that this project will provide another perspective on the topic as many sources are from a more generic point of view and only address one aspect of international travel and travel restrictions. Overall, my project in the form of a website serves as the hub for my findings throughout my research and aims to dissect the intricacies of the COVID-19 pandemic and its plethora of negative effects on both the global and individual scales.

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