Mental Health on Lockdown

Slides by Madison Graves

Abstract: I have chosen to take a closer look at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted teen’s mental health during the first lockdown in Carmel, Indiana. Although it is clearly seen through statistics and interviews with my peers that teenager’s mental health took a great toll during the lockdown, my hometown’s unpreparedness and lack of support resources perpetuated this mental health decline. My presentation is based on secondary sources as well excerpts from interviews with three young adults about their experiences with their mental health state during the lockdown. Three questions were asked to my participants: 1) Do you believe that your mental health was negatively or positively impacted during the lockdown due to the pandemic and why, 2) How did you spend most of your days during the lockdown?, and 3) Do you think that Carmel supported you and gave you resources for your mental health during the lockdown? Lastly, I am also adding my personal experiences with my mental health during the lockdown. This project focusing on mental health is of great amount of significance as we are still living through the pandemic right now. There is a negative stigma associated with talking about mental health, but it is truly important that topics like this be discussed especially during the trying times we are in right now. My findings show that young adults’ mental health are negatively impacted and the lack of preparedness and support resources by my hometown perpetuated this mental health decline.


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