Nursing Clinicals Under COVID-19

Slides by Tyler Doerr

Training of nursing students has changed dramatically under lockdown and affected student’s abilities to get hands on training in their field. Professors had to quickly adapt and create online training opportunities so students could make up the hours that are mandated to get a nursing degree. In my project titled, “Nursing Clinicals Under Lockdown,” I will be discussing the question, “How has COVID-19 impacted nursing clinicals?” I used a PowerPoint voice over to display my research along with graphs and pictures.  

There are several references that were significant to my project. The first being an article written by Leona Werezak, which was background for my research and supported my point that the changes in clinical had big impacts on students. Another significant article was one released by Nurse Journal. This served as background for my project on how the clinical changes impacted student’s abilities to graduate on time and supported my point that changes in clinical had big impacts on students. A final article was released by the company Laerdal Medical. This source was used mostly for background on how the board that controls the rules to achieving a nursing degree are adapting to the changes in clinical. In addition to articles, I used a personal interview with a Purdue nursing student. I also used an original survey sent to Purdue nursing students and received 52 responses. I used the responses to create pie charts to better convey the information.

The obstacles that nursing students had to overcome during the pandemic were difficult. This caused students to get less hands-on experience which is critical to learning how to be a nurse. In addition, up to 14,000 nursing students may have to delay their graduation from nursing school because they were unable to complete their clinical hours. The shortage of nurses in the United States was a problem before COVID-19. The delayed graduation of some students will add to this shortage, leading to major problem in the healthcare system. My overall argument is that this is a problem that will impact the future nurses of our healthcare system as they will be less prepared to communicate with patients due to less hands-on experience.


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Survey link:

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