Socioeconomic Disparities during COVID-19

Slides by Isabella Sirit

The title of my project is The Effect of Socioeconomic Disparities in Communities during Crises, particularly COVID-19. The research question I will be focusing on is How/Why do times of stress affect poorer groups of people differently? I will be using PowerPoint for the medium of this final project. This project is important because it investigates the idea of stratification which largely affects American communities. Stratification is defined, anthropologically, as the relative social position of persons within a social group, category, geographic region, or social unit.This is an important topic to address because it has grave and lasting effects on poorer, already marginalized, communities. My main purpose is to establish the gradient experienced along different socioeconomic groups, as it controls aspects such as housing, employment, education, insurance, etc. There are so many facets of one’s life that are dependent on it, and there should be more resources, especially in a pandemic, to help cope with it. A secondary purpose of my project is to collect more primary and secondary data in the form of survey results, which are quantitative, and background information from research articles, which are qualitative. Related literature that I focused on included research from Harvard Medical School, the American Psychology Association, and primary care blogs. These provided me with the historical background surrounding socioeconomic disparities during times of crisis. Additionally, this literature provided several points to strengthen my argument and answer my main research question. The overall argument that my project is making is that individuals belonging to lower socioeconomic groups have a more difficult time, where they experience more stress and burden, in times of crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the use of both primary and secondary data, it is clear that the effects of socioeconomic disparities are felt in times of crisis, especially the COVID-19 pandemic. Stratified societies disproportionately affect poorer communities. We have been studying the effects of stratification throughout the entire semester in ANTH 205 through readings, lectures, presentations etc. These effects can be seen in the survey results and related literature. They can also be seen in real-world examples throughout our communities.


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Rollston, Rebekah, and Sandro Galea. “The Coronavirus Does Discriminate: How Social Conditions Are Shaping the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Primary Care Blog. Accessed March 10, 2021.

Wanberg, Connie, Borbala Csillag, Richard Douglass, Le Zhou, and Michael Pollard. “Socioeconomic Status and Well-Being During COVID-19: A Resource-Based Examination.” American Psychological Association. American Psychological Association, 2020.

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