Effects and Response of Art During Covid-19

Website by Lindsey Schumacher

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Artists often seek opportunities to comment on the social or political issues going on in the world around them. Covid-19 led to thousands of people losing jobs, events being held online or canceled and many negative effects. Arts are important to our social, civic, and economic well-being as a country. Arts are involved in nearly every sector of our society including medicine, education, civic activities, business. Throughout all of this, I wondered how artists fared. This project seeks to answer the question “how has Covid-19 affected the arts, and how have artists responded?”

In the pursuit of answering this question, I represent three perspectives on a website. This medium displays separate pages for an impact overview, ways art has helped, and interview stories. The article “ANALYSIS: COVID-19’s Impacts on the Arts and Culture” is used to give insight of the impact of Covid-19 on art as a whole. Next, I look at ways that art has been a helpful tool in dealing with this pandemic, especially in building morale, and a source of coping. This information is sources from the scholarly article “Communicating about COVID-19 Through Art_ Paving a Way For Inclusion” and “Art Therapy in the Time of COVID-19”. Lastly, to emphasize my hometown, Bluffton, IN, local artists share their story throughout the pandemic.

Email interviews are used to gather stories from a variety of artists including the Creative Arts Council representative, a videographer, tattoo artist and art teacher. Certain arts were given greater value during the Pandemic. In the medical field, Art therapy has been a way to bridge language gaps and speak to people’s emotional needs in ways talking may not. Capturing small events through digital photography and videography became the new way to attend special life events that looked dramatically different. Similarly, I envision that amidst economic setbacks and increased unemployment many artists have adapted to strengthen their practices through technological means to boost morale. Ultimately, my goal with this project is to elevate the importance of art in communities and shine a light on the way the arts have been impacted, and how artists have responded.

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