How Local High Schools have been impacted by COVID-19

Slides by Brady Colegrove

My project will be focusing on the research question: How have schools and students in Indiana had to adapt because of the coronavirus pandemic? Analyzing how schools and students have changed because of the pandemic is very important because most people do not like how they have changed or think they have changed for the worse. Therefore, we need to understand how they changed so that when the pandemic is over, we can fully restore the educational system to what it was pre pandemic. Every school Indiana has had to do something to accommodate social distancing because of Covid-19. Most High schools started by sending kids fully online when the pandemic first began which sent many students for a new learning curve and many other challenges. Participants in my project agree that students are more engaged during in person classes versus fully online classes. During the Fall of 2020, some schools in Indiana were able to hold in person classes finally. This was due to them making dramatic changes such as respacing all desks in classrooms so that they would meet the six feet social distance criteria, the requiring of masks for teachers and students both when social distance is not available, and they also made it a point to excessively sanitize everything in the schools. The impact that all this switching back and forth has had on students can easily be seen when talking to some local high school kids in my area. This leads to anxiety in students when they don’t have the proper amount of time outside of class to decompress and relax. Hopefully with the new vaccines coming out, the US can start to return to a little bit of normalcy in the coming months and things will start to look normal again. This project is important because it analyzes what is causing students to receive lower overall grades during this pandemic. The overall argument my project is making is that schools have changed for the worse due to the coronavirus pandemic and the sooner they can return to normal, the better for students everywhere.


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