How has COVID-19 Affected Personal Relationships?

Slides by Eden Jenkins

In this project, I explore the different ways in which COVID-19 has affected personal relationships in the form of a PowerPoint.  All types of personal relationships have been affected, such as intimate relationships, work-related relationships, and friendships.  Because of the virality of this disease, we have been conditioned to keep away from people when possible, and we have been influenced to quarantine with a small group of people in order to ensure the safety of ourselves and others. This has impacted our ability to spend quality time with others but has also put unexpected restrictions on our ability to have alone time.  I explore how relationships within our quarantine bubbles have been affected, as well as relationships with people we may have had extended absence from.

Before the pandemic, you could meet-up with whoever you wanted to, whenever you wanted to, and wherever you wanted to. This is something that was taken for granted, as the ability to do so has been compromised.  We have been instructed to quarantine within a bubble, and this has affected the amount of people we get to see on a regular basis. On top of this, many businesses have closed down, either permanently or temporarily, making regular meeting spots less accessible. For instance, a few months ago you wouldn’t be able to go out to eat or go see a movie with friends.  Because of these restrictions, there has been added stress put on individuals to keep certain relationships alive and well.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are individuals within your close circle that you may have been required to spend more time with than you are used to, whether it be a spouse, partner, roommate, or family member.  We are all aware that the pandemic has had a lot of effects on individual’s mental health, so I want to explore how this has also affected our personal relationships with people that we have been spending more time with than we may have been used to.


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