College Students’ Physical Activity During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Slides with audio by Caitlyn Martens

My project explores if college students felt they were able to get adequate physical activity during the pandemic, and how that affected their mental health as well. My project is formatted as a PowerPoint with voiceover audio, as I explained the main points I gathered from my interviews with friends and family from my hometown, along with current research. My focus area was Evansville, IN, which is where I was born and raised. It is the 3rd largest city in Indiana and has multiple universities. To keep data consistent, the interview participants are all from Evansville and attend a university within the city as well. To support my interview, I also did some research on how Covid and exercise are related and if there are any health benefits against the virus from physical activity. I also researched the mental health benefits of physical activity, and how the lockdown has influenced mental health for this population. All of my extra research was conducted through scientific journals and reputable sources. I believe that by getting real-life examples from college students along with data to back up my points, I was able to conduct a strong argument on the benefits of exercise for both physical and mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. I think that many of my points are relatable to most college students, as I highlighted what influenced the decline in physical activity such as the lockdown changing everyone’s daily routine. This research is significant because as the lockdown is passing, we are able to look back and reflect on what happened to us both physically and mentally. More and more research is being done, and there is new data on coronavirus implications both scientifically and socially. It is important for people to take time to reflect on how the lockdown affected their personal life, and by talking to other people you quickly realize that you are not alone through this process. I hope my project lets people understand that a lot of people struggled during the lockdown, but there are ways to safely take care of yourself and help yourself stay healthy during this time.


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