The Pandemic’s Impact on Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

Slides with audio by Ethan Smiley

The research question of the project is: how has the pandemic impacted the social and mental development of children, adolescents, and young adults in Indiana? Gaining insight on how these age groups have been affected by the pandemic is important because they are going to be the next generation and need to be adequately prepared to handle the world. They still need to be educated and need to be able to interact with peers to develop crucial social and problem-solving skills. Schooling provides a way for kids to develop these skills. Due to the pandemic most schools have had to shift to virtual learning. Virtual learning has not eliminated important skills developed in school, but rather paved a new way for them to be achieved. Educators have been creative in ways to help students and have tried to minimize the effects of the pandemic. Articles from the National Institute of Health provide insight on different ways the pandemic can impact the target age groups. Data is not limited to the United States. The pandemic is global and therefore information from other countries such as Pakistan and India were helpful. Testimonies from three student teachers here at Purdue has given me a first-hand point of view on how the pandemic has restructured the classroom. I learned that each age group needed to be flexible and open to new methods of learning in order to overcome the adversity of the pandemic. Learning was more on the student’s shoulders than in the past. Throughout this project I have learned how educators have adapted to these strange times in our society. From looking at the literature and personal findings, I believe that the importance of limited screen time and helping these age groups develop self-coping strategies are important ways to limit the effects of the global pandemic.


Ferget, Jorg, Benedetto Vitiello, Paul Plener, and Vera Clemens. “Challenges and Burden of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic for Child and Adolescent Mental Health: a Narrative Review to Highlight Clinical and Research Needs in the Acute Phase and the Long Return to Normality.” Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health 14, no. 20 (2020).

Imran, Nazish, Muhammad Zeshan, and Zainab Pervaiz. “Mental Health Considerations for Children & Adolescents in COVID-19 Pandemic.” Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences 36, no. COVID19-S4 (2020).

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