COVID’s Impact on the US Education System

Slides by Chloe Gardner

With this project, I wanted to ask just how exactly has enforcing online learning harmed student progress both socially and academically. I especially wanted to look at this as it compares to in-person instruction. I divided the presentation into three sections: what we know, social impacts, and academic impacts. In order to make these sections, I consulted and cited reports that examined both COVID-19 specifically and general learning strategies implemented by institutions. All of my references were written articles or research studies conducted. From here, my source of data relied on these writings. For example, I used one graph to demonstrate just how important social relationships are to contributing to a student’s sense of belonging at school. Furthermore, I used data from standardized test scores from students in 2019 and 2020 to compare just how COVID policy has affected student learning. These graphs were important in demonstrating the raw evidence showing that students have experienced detrimental effects in their educational journeys. My project compiles several pieces of literature into one place, making it easy to see the purpose of my research question. It will help inform those who do not fully understand the topic. I am aware that many college students might see the project. This demographic has experienced its own problems as it relates to online learning and COVID policy. However, I believe it will fill the gap as it relates to young students. This is purely because college students may not have as much exposure to this group of students. The project could even inform those who have bigger roles in education policy during the COVID-19 pandemic era. Of course, universities and regular K-12 schools have extremely different decisions to make as it relates to their institutions. However, I think it remains clear that something must change. These restrictive learning policies have only hurt young and innocent students who have no say in how their education experience occurs. This idea encapsulates my argument for the project.

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