Portraits of a Filipino American Nurse

by Renz Buenavista https://youtu.be/xqOgJj969U8 The occurrence of COVID-19 has put a massive load and stress on the healthcare system. In particular, Filipino American Nurses has been hit hard as third of the nurses who died from COVID-19 identified as Filipino American while only making up 4% of the entire Nursing workforce (Constante 2020). In my... Continue Reading →

Faith Under Lockdown

Short Film by Salsa Lane Over 85% of the world’s population considers religion to be a very important part of their lives. In my project titled Faith Under Lockdown, I explore the question of, how has the recent pandemic impacted the relationship between individuals and communities across the world and their spiritual faith; as well... Continue Reading →

Behind Closed Doors: The COVID-19 Impact on Gender Inequalities at Home

Short film by Hailey Powell https://youtu.be/AtFNp2ydrwY The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated a variety of socio-economic hardships, particularly for women. Specifically within the home, women have assumed the increased responsibility of childcare, chores, and other obligations resulting in a sacrifice of overall wellbeing for themselves, their jobs, and their independent income. Gender roles in society however,... Continue Reading →

Tales of Exploitation Island: Puerto Rico in the Age of Corona

Short Film by Kamilah Valentin-Diaz https://youtu.be/d7oRVWz9PFQ Puerto Rico, the world’s oldest colony, has limited autonomy and no ‘legitimate’ claim to self determination. This lack of power over their economic, political, and social spheres has caused  the island’s poor infrastructure, fostered an environment for corrupt politicians, and has virtually  tied its hand when it comes to... Continue Reading →

The Blame Game

Short Film by Bon Tangpoolcharoen  https://youtu.be/iodfKW1VrvU This short film takes a closer look into our current COVID-19 pandemic and the blame game. With the whole world affected with this pandemic, we are all looking for the source, for someone to blame. Ever since news about COVID-19 hit our screens, people have been blaming religions, countries... Continue Reading →

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