COVID’s Impact on the US Education System

Slides by Chloe Gardner With this project, I wanted to ask just how exactly has enforcing online learning harmed student progress both socially and academically. I especially wanted to look at this as it compares to in-person instruction. I divided the presentation into three sections: what we know, social impacts, and academic impacts. In order... Continue Reading →

How Coronavirus Affected the Cryptocurrency Market

Slides with Zachary Deurloo The presentation explains how COVID-19 affected the cryptocurrency market and how cryptocurrency works. The information given in this presentation is not financial advice. So how did the coronavirus affect the cryptocurrency market? According to CoinGecko, a digital currency and information platform, in March of 2020 the cryptocurrency was at an... Continue Reading →

Physical Activity’s Effect on Mental Health

Slides by Justin Postma Despite overwhelming evidence demonstrating that physical activity is associated with reduced mortality and extensive physical and psychological health benefits, few people actually engaged in regular physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, my project focused on the research question: What affect does physical activity play on the psychological health of... Continue Reading →

The Heaviness of Lockdown

Art by Cameron La Neve With this project I want to create a piece of art that shows the weight and makes a visual representation of what people are going through during the past year during lockdown. I want to push my creativity in creating something visual that also represents all of what I have... Continue Reading →

How has COVID-19 Affected Personal Relationships?

Slides by Eden Jenkins In this project, I explore the different ways in which COVID-19 has affected personal relationships in the form of a PowerPoint.  All types of personal relationships have been affected, such as intimate relationships, work-related relationships, and friendships.  Because of the virality of this disease, we have been conditioned to keep away... Continue Reading →

Who knows?: Fake news and COVID-19

Website by Alyssa Amidei Visit Alyssa's website project here As social media becomes increasingly popular, false information becomes increasingly easy to spread. This was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As everyone rushed to share their opinions, the scientific evidence was drowned out by louder yet less knowledgeable individuals. On my website, I focus on the... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 and Internet Usage

by Brandon Botha My project looks at how theCOVID-19 pandemic impacted how people interact with one another virtually and how people kept busy virtually. My own firsthand experience started when my brother, myself, and my mother all had to do our work remotely. This meant we had to upgrade our internet plan to account for... Continue Reading →

Personal Guilt and Shaming During Lockdown

Essay by Madi Delay Abstract: Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the general guidelines for health and safety of the public have changed rapidly. Along with that, both internal and external guilt and judgement have blossomed among citizens as we all attempt to navigate the issues we’ve been facing in the past year, lockdown included. In this... Continue Reading →

Effects and Response of Art During Covid-19

Website by Lindsey Schumacher Click here to visit Lindsey's website project Artists often seek opportunities to comment on the social or political issues going on in the world around them. Covid-19 led to thousands of people losing jobs, events being held online or canceled and many negative effects. Arts are important to our social, civic,... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 and Tourism

Essay by Zhuoran Yang Abstract: This is a paper focuses on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism industry. The pandemic continues to threaten the movement of people both internationally as well as domestically. COVID-19, which is spread by human contact, reduced travel throughout the world as travel restrictions were issued, as well... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Lockdown: Online vs Traditional Education

Slides by Trey Heckaman My project spotlights the research question: “How has the shift in education delivery methods impacted students across all age groups, but particularly those of a younger age?” During the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were among the first to have to modify their operations because these environments are traditionally... Continue Reading →

Socioeconomic Status and Mental Health Inequalities from Isolation

Slides by Amelia Fleetwood My research addresses the question, “How does socioeconomic status impact mental health during quarantine isolation?” People receiving state financial benefits report less use of public spaces, a less strong social network, more loneliness, and poorer mental health than those not receiving benefits (Jaspal, Breakwell 2020). Participants with lower socioeconomic status experienced... Continue Reading →

The Negative Effects of Quarantine on Pets

Slides by Maddison Hahn My project explores the possible negative effects that quarantine had on the mental well-being of our pets. I ask whether the signs of separation anxiety increased after quarantine, compared to before. To support my secondary sources, I gathered data using a survey that I created. The survey allowed me to compile... Continue Reading →

Effects of COVID-19 on Students

Slides by Brian Fuller The question that I had been researching for this project was, “How has COVID-19 affected college students mental and social health?”. This past year of navigating online classes and adapting to this new form of learning has been tough on students. I thought it would be interesting to do some research... Continue Reading →

Our Isolation: Examining the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photographs by Lauren Para The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust isolation onto us all in as many varied forms as there are varied lifestyles, living situations, and regions of the world. Exploring how we have tried to cope with our isolation is the topic of this project. This is important and relevant as all human beings... Continue Reading →

COVID and Mental Health

Poem and Pamphlet by Jacob Lopez My pamphlet and poem focus on the major trends found within the mental health during the outbreak of COVID 19. Traditionally, the United States is a country which values individualism to a fault. The unexpected and unprecedented affect that the virus has had on the United States can be... Continue Reading →

Mental Effects of COVID-19 on University Students

Slides by Toyin Awosanya Visit here to view Toyin's presentation The COVID-19 virus has spread quickly and took the world by storm. Many countries were unprepared to face this situation, especially in the United States. My research question for this project is, how college students are mentally dealing with school during the COVID-19 pandemic in... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Impact On Nursing Homes

Essay by Rayanne Schultis Abstract: The question being answered in this project is how COVID had an impact on nursing home facilities. The format of this is a paper that explains the aspects encompassing COVID and nursing homes. The most significant academic literature that can be used to help write this paper is scientific articles.... Continue Reading →

Historical Reenactments in a Pandemic World

Slides by Tyler Payne This research answers the question of historical reenacting in the context of a world hampered by a world pandemic. More specifically, can the hobby, business, and cultures surrounding historical reenacting continue in a post-pandemic world? The term historical reenactment in this research paper falls in line with the educational and entertainment... Continue Reading →

Mental Health on Lockdown

Slides by Madison Graves Abstract: I have chosen to take a closer look at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted teen’s mental health during the first lockdown in Carmel, Indiana. Although it is clearly seen through statistics and interviews with my peers that teenager’s mental health took a great toll during the lockdown, my hometown’s... Continue Reading →

Religious Practice during Times of Adversity

Essay by Sara Gettelfinger Abstract: My final project answers the research question “What are the positive effects of practicing a religion and worshipping in community with others, especially during difficult time periods in history, and how has the recent COVID-19 pandemic impacted this?”  The bulk of my research came from medical and scientific journals, supplemented with... Continue Reading →

Faith Under Lockdown

Short Film by Salsa Lane Over 85% of the world’s population considers religion to be a very important part of their lives. In my project titled Faith Under Lockdown, I explore the question of, how has the recent pandemic impacted the relationship between individuals and communities across the world and their spiritual faith; as well... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Impact on the Agriculture Industry

Slides by Brook Lahrman At the beginning of 2020, the United States and people all over the world were shocked by the news of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The pandemic affected every industry possible and caused many issues along the way.  One of the industries that were impacted was the agriculture industry, as many workers were... Continue Reading →

Socioeconomic Disparities during COVID-19

Slides by Isabella Sirit The title of my project is The Effect of Socioeconomic Disparities in Communities during Crises, particularly COVID-19. The research question I will be focusing on is How/Why do times of stress affect poorer groups of people differently? I will be using PowerPoint for the medium of this final project. This project... Continue Reading →

Nurses and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Slides with audio by Alyssa Smith Alyssa invites viewers of her slides to watch this informative video on US nurses first. At the beginning of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. While many people at this time began working from home and sheltering in place, nurses were forced to put in longer hours... Continue Reading →

Impact of COVID-19 on International Travel

by Jeanelle Tanhueco Visit Jeanelle's website project HERE Through a website format, I explore the changes to the travel industry and how it has affected the world on an international scale as well as on an individual scale. Specifically, how has the early stages of the pandemic affected those who needed to travel back home... Continue Reading →

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