Who knows?: Fake news and COVID-19

Website by Alyssa Amidei Visit Alyssa's website project here As social media becomes increasingly popular, false information becomes increasingly easy to spread. This was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As everyone rushed to share their opinions, the scientific evidence was drowned out by louder yet less knowledgeable individuals. On my website, I focus on the... Continue Reading →

What Can the U.S. Learn From How South Korea Responded to COVID-19

Website by Dennis Chang Visit Dennis' website project here My research question for this project is: How did the South Korea government successfully react to and manage COVID-19? This topic is important for everyone, and there are a lot of lessons that we can learn from living through a pandemic. South Korea is the one... Continue Reading →

Effects and Response of Art During Covid-19

Website by Lindsey Schumacher Click here to visit Lindsey's website project Artists often seek opportunities to comment on the social or political issues going on in the world around them. Covid-19 led to thousands of people losing jobs, events being held online or canceled and many negative effects. Arts are important to our social, civic,... Continue Reading →

Impact of COVID-19 on International Travel

by Jeanelle Tanhueco Visit Jeanelle's website project HERE Through a website format, I explore the changes to the travel industry and how it has affected the world on an international scale as well as on an individual scale. Specifically, how has the early stages of the pandemic affected those who needed to travel back home... Continue Reading →

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