For my Ayi

Short film by Jiaao Liu This video is made for my ayi (caregiver), Bai, to understand how she views the inequality and how she think it should be solved. The audio is based on several interviews with Bai held in my home in Beijing, during the Coronavirus outbreak. She believes education is the most... Continue Reading →

The Separation of Church and Family

Short film by Elle Klingerman For my short film I wanted to focus on the catholic faith and how it can affect families. In order to do this, I decided to interview my very catholic family and a catholic priest from a local church. I wanted to hear how they practiced religion growing up;... Continue Reading →

Behind Closed Doors

Essay by Abby Joesten Abstract: In this essay, I explore the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns on the economically disadvantaged and victims of domestic abuse. I use evidence from interviews conducted in the Philippines, India, and the UK. A woman in India explains that her husband’s anger has gotten worse ever since his... Continue Reading →


Slides with Audio By Neil Heck In my presentation Isolation, I wanted to study the effects that lockdown had on people who were living alone or with one other person. I gathered information about terms like cabin fever, lockdown, and also saw studies that were made about quarantine. I found one study that was... Continue Reading →

The World After Coronvirus

By Yuan Shu During quarantine, people are finding difficulty in finding something or someone to support them and keep them company. While people may have thought that the quarantine could potentially open time for spending moments with our partner, extended time together could also lead to conflict. Eventually, some people divorce to conclude the conflict.... Continue Reading →

Education During a Lockdown

Slides by Megan Griffin For the Hometown on a Lockdown project, I explored the discrepancies between different school districts and universities in the switch to online education. Some of these differences include Internet access, meals, and quality of education. The resources offered to students depend on state school funding and COVID-19 has deepened the inequality... Continue Reading →

Home isn’t Safe for Everyone

Slides by Jennie Flahaut The main goal of my PowerPoint is to bring attention to the violence and negligence that is occurring in homes all over the world during the pandemic. These things happen even when we weren’t mid-pandemic, but it is at an all-time high right now. (Some) women and children are being treated... Continue Reading →

A Dinner Date With Covid

Essay by Jack Duddy Context: My original research question was “How did Covid-19 affect the 2020 election” but after attempting to do research on this I realized that the topic didn’t really interest me or motivate me. This is why I changed my question to how covid-19 has affected the dining experience and restaurant industry.... Continue Reading →

A Pandemic Times Two

Slides by Alena Chitty For my project, I chose to do a PowerPoint presentation on how COVID-19 has impacted the rates of domestic violence. I chose this topic because I was interested in seeing the impact of COVID on human relations, beyond viral spread. I found a lot of information regarding this issue. It was... Continue Reading →

The Silent Pandemic

Slides by Keiana Bowie Download SlidesDownload For my project, I created a PowerPoint presentation including my analysis on how women havebeen negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Amongst various issues that COVID-19had caused for people around the world, it is important to evaluate the rates and prevalence ofdomestic violence before the epidemic started and its... Continue Reading →


Slides with Audio by Ran Duan The name of the project is titled “Trigger”, it mainly focused on how COVID-19 affect Asian international students’ life through several different aspects. It is not the first time in the history that Asian or other races were blamed by the spread of viruses. I consider COVID as a... Continue Reading →


by Anonymous The recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone quite dramatically, specifically in the United States where numbers simply continue to rise. We have come to live in a state of limbo; somewhat going about our lives, but nothing is the same as it was before, this is our current state of "normal". Social distancing,... Continue Reading →

Tales of Exploitation Island: Puerto Rico in the Age of Corona

Short Film by Kamilah Valentin-Diaz Puerto Rico, the world’s oldest colony, has limited autonomy and no ‘legitimate’ claim to self determination. This lack of power over their economic, political, and social spheres has caused  the island’s poor infrastructure, fostered an environment for corrupt politicians, and has virtually  tied its hand when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Gendered Parenting

Essay by Jenn Thompson Field Notes  Due to the constraints of doing research during a pandemic, the breadth of my findings are not as thorough as I had planned for. For my research, I gathered new parents around for a socially distanced, outdoor bon-fire. The gathering began at noon, during a warm winter day in... Continue Reading →

Power of Checks

Slides with Voice by Joseph Kim Click HERE to see and listen to Joseph Kim's presentation. In my presentation, I answer the research question, “What impact does Covid-19’s unemployment checks have in effect on middle-lower class families and individuals?” I chose to do research on this question because my family, especially my parents, have been... Continue Reading →

Alienated in Malaysia

Slides by Chern Xin Liew Click HERE to visit Chern Xin Liew's slides with notes. In this PowerPoint, I explore how foreign workers in Malaysia are treated by not only their employers, but also the locals and the inequality amid this pandemic surrounding foreign workers. As the infected cases of COVID-19 in Malaysia increases day... Continue Reading →

The American Middle Class and its Intraclass Dynamics amid a Pandemic

Podcast by Julian Haresco In this podcast, I explore how quarantine and lockdowns have affected the United States’ middle class by discussing this class’s background, intraclass dynamics, and how it has changed during the covid-19 pandemic. Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world in a variety of ways. At a bare minimum,... Continue Reading →

The Blame Game

Short Film by Bon Tangpoolcharoen This short film takes a closer look into our current COVID-19 pandemic and the blame game. With the whole world affected with this pandemic, we are all looking for the source, for someone to blame. Ever since news about COVID-19 hit our screens, people have been blaming religions, countries... Continue Reading →

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