Behind Closed Doors: The COVID-19 Impact on Gender Inequalities at Home

Short film by Hailey Powell The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated a variety of socio-economic hardships, particularly for women. Specifically within the home, women have assumed the increased responsibility of childcare, chores, and other obligations resulting in a sacrifice of overall wellbeing for themselves, their jobs, and their independent income. Gender roles in society however,... Continue Reading →

Behind Closed Doors

Essay by Abby Joesten Abstract: In this essay, I explore the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns on the economically disadvantaged and victims of domestic abuse. I use evidence from interviews conducted in the Philippines, India, and the UK. A woman in India explains that her husband’s anger has gotten worse ever since his... Continue Reading →

Home isn’t Safe for Everyone

Slides by Jennie Flahaut The main goal of my PowerPoint is to bring attention to the violence and negligence that is occurring in homes all over the world during the pandemic. These things happen even when we weren’t mid-pandemic, but it is at an all-time high right now. (Some) women and children are being treated... Continue Reading →

A Pandemic Times Two

Slides by Alena Chitty For my project, I chose to do a PowerPoint presentation on how COVID-19 has impacted the rates of domestic violence. I chose this topic because I was interested in seeing the impact of COVID on human relations, beyond viral spread. I found a lot of information regarding this issue. It was... Continue Reading →

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