Socioeconomic Status and Mental Health Inequalities from Isolation

Slides by Amelia Fleetwood My research addresses the question, “How does socioeconomic status impact mental health during quarantine isolation?” People receiving state financial benefits report less use of public spaces, a less strong social network, more loneliness, and poorer mental health than those not receiving benefits (Jaspal, Breakwell 2020). Participants with lower socioeconomic status experienced... Continue Reading →

Our Isolation: Examining the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photographs by Lauren Para The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust isolation onto us all in as many varied forms as there are varied lifestyles, living situations, and regions of the world. Exploring how we have tried to cope with our isolation is the topic of this project. This is important and relevant as all human beings... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Interaction: How does lack of human interaction affect your mental health?

by Emily Myers My project explores the impact that human interaction has on an individual’s mental health, specifically on an individual during the pandemic. Minoring in Psychology and majoring in Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences at Purdue, I am very passionate about these two topics (mental health and communication). I wanted to build research... Continue Reading →

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