For my Ayi

Short film by Jiaao Liu This video is made for my ayi (caregiver), Bai, to understand how she views the inequality and how she think it should be solved. The audio is based on several interviews with Bai held in my home in Beijing, during the Coronavirus outbreak. She believes education is the most... Continue Reading →

Money-less Pandemic: Peru

Short film by Natalia Figueroa Peru and poverty in times of a global pandemic is an issue I decided to base my project on. Inspired by the news and by the human cultural diversity class, I investigated the people’s working conditions, economical situations, and struggles due to their limitations. An aspect learned in this... Continue Reading →

Power of Checks

Slides with Voice by Joseph Kim Click HERE to see and listen to Joseph Kim's presentation. In my presentation, I answer the research question, “What impact does Covid-19’s unemployment checks have in effect on middle-lower class families and individuals?” I chose to do research on this question because my family, especially my parents, have been... Continue Reading →

Alienated in Malaysia

Slides by Chern Xin Liew Click HERE to visit Chern Xin Liew's slides with notes. In this PowerPoint, I explore how foreign workers in Malaysia are treated by not only their employers, but also the locals and the inequality amid this pandemic surrounding foreign workers. As the infected cases of COVID-19 in Malaysia increases day... Continue Reading →

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