Malaysian Universities’ Strategies to Cope with the COVID Pandemic

Slides by Jun Yie Loo The Covid-19 pandemic experienced fast global spread and has brought about large struggles to many countries across the globe. Malaysia, a developing country located in Southeast Asia is no exception. Malaysia‚Äôs education system has faced many challenges even before the emergence of the novel Covid-19 virus, such as declining financial... Continue Reading →

Personal protective equipment, a driver of exploitation?

Slides with audio By Prathyoush Divakaran My goal in this project was to illustrate the issue of exploitation within the glove manufacturing industry of Malaysia to a reasonable degree, and to shed some light on the plight of the foreign migrant workers within the industry, of various descents, upon which the industry relies. I... Continue Reading →

Alienated in Malaysia

Slides by Chern Xin Liew Click HERE to visit Chern Xin Liew's slides with notes. In this PowerPoint, I explore how foreign workers in Malaysia are treated by not only their employers, but also the locals and the inequality amid this pandemic surrounding foreign workers. As the infected cases of COVID-19 in Malaysia increases day... Continue Reading →

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