The Blame Game from China to the World

Essay by Juntong Liu Abstract:: This is an essay focusing on the blaming victims during Covid-19. My research question is how and why blaming victims exists during the pandemic. Covid-19 is originated in Wuhan, China and was found in December 2019. This virus can be fatal, and it has a fast rate for spreading. The... Continue Reading →

Discrimination and Prejudice Online

Short Film by Rachel Yue This project focused on increased discrimination, racisms, and prejudices online. As people are locked down in their houses and cannot go anywhere, many feel depressed and constrain. The only way for them to communicate with the exterior world is through the internet. They spend their time online. However, some... Continue Reading →

The Blame Game

Short Film by Bon Tangpoolcharoen This short film takes a closer look into our current COVID-19 pandemic and the blame game. With the whole world affected with this pandemic, we are all looking for the source, for someone to blame. Ever since news about COVID-19 hit our screens, people have been blaming religions, countries... Continue Reading →

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