College Reopening and Impact on Students

Slides by Josh Mansfield

I look at the difference in local Indiana university plans for reopening and the actual effects it had on student engagement on campus and whether students felt self on campus. The main question being asked is: “How has the shutting down of school and university and difference to education due to the Covid-19 pandemic negatively impacted students? It is important look at what the schools were offering students as options for learning and whether or not student felt like they were being given a quality education. Schools are recognized as both a place of learning but also as a community for different people coming together under one banner. That banner can be either the local high school for the community as is the case for my brother, but it can also be a much large community that spreads across entire state or region of the united states. An example being Purdue and how there are thousands of alumni and people who take both interest and are involved with the campus which creates a large community of people who share being involved with Purdue somehow. 

Theses communities saw an immediate impact on both the emotional and capital aspect such as bars closing down and loss of both sporting events but also events such as Purdue ag week and the spring fling at Purdue. Local high schools’ lost both prom and other school events that the community gather around. This loss of community was one the most important parts of the education purpose of these institutions have. Schools across the country tried their best to still create this sense of community through using zoom for classes so that you could see classmates and interact with each other. Purdue for instance during the fall as tried to use both outdoor activates where physical contact is not needed along with online events such as e-sports. There are lots different ways communities dealt with Covid-19 and lockdowns but this project deals with the local schools in the state and the effect Covid-19 had on them as community and the loss they all felt due c Covid-19. Loss however comes in many forms such as loss of actual people and the loss  time of face-to-face instruction. I looked at both students from ball state campus because my girlfriend goes there and students on Purdue campus to get a feel of how each campus tried to engage its students during the fall semester. I used both the Protect Purdue website along with ball states dashboard showing cases. I then used “Education and COVID-19: Focusing on the Long-Term Impact of School Closures.”  To better understand the challenges student faced and will continue to face in the new world. I used both research data along with a couple of students response.


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